How to Get the Benefits of Chlorophyll

All of the health benefits of chlorophyll are easy to get on a daily basis. The simple way? Eat your greens and drink your greens. I know we are always going on about the importance of greens in your diet, but this is one of the main reasons why - it ensures you’re getting plenty of chlorophyll!

Here are a few sources:

  • Green Drinks: juiced yourself (here is a recipe for you!) or made from powdered greens (such as Dr Young’s pHruits & pHoliage or pH Ion’s Green) - green drinks are a dense source of alkalising, chlorophyll rich greens that are easily assimilated by the body.
  • Dr Young’s ChloropHeal: this is one of my top, top supplements - a concentrated, dense, tasteless (almost) source of liquid chlorophyll that you can add to any drink (water, juice, smoothie) to give your body a constant source of chlorophyll. It is amazing the difference it makes to your energy. Brilliant. And unlike most liquid chlorophyll supplements it isn’t refined and highly processed (killing the goodness) or packed full of sweeteners.
  • Green Food in General: eat loads of greens! Think of great big salads and veggies - spinach, lettuce, broccoli, Asian greens, green capsicum, asparagus, peas, beans, kale etc. Any food that is green is that way because it contains chlorophyll - so eat up!

So the simple message is this: go green. Eat, drink, ingest however you can. The supplement’s mentioned really are fantastic, so if you’re not in the UK, Europe or Aus - you should go direct to Dr Young.

My personal experience suggests that going green, going alkaline and getting a mass of chlorophyll daily does absolute WONDERS for your health and energy. You really notice the difference! So if you want more energy, go get yourself some. It’s really that easy!

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